17 Nov 2017

Booth: Open call exhibition

The NAGN is calling on all artists to submit works of 2D, 3D or ephemeral (performance) nature to be considered for exhibition. The Main Gallery of the NAGN will be divided up into 2x2m squares of ‘freedom’ which the artist will work with. Artists are invited to intervene in the space in whatever way they choose to. Demarcated areas, grids and boundaries are the make-up of BOOTH.

Borders, confines, categories, margins and restrictions are ever-present throughout our daily lives, from the land that we live on to the type of characteristics we get defined by. The NAGN encourages artists to take this opportunity to intervene into a delineated physical and conceptual space, working within the boundaries to challenge the boundaries.

Submission due date: 5 February 2018

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