01 Dec 2017

December artwork of the month

Enjoy by Mouton Werner

Mouton Werner was born in Swakopmund. He works predominantly in the form of abstract art. Mouton says that he uses abstraction because he believes that his colours and forms represent his emotional memory. He constantly strives to improve his skills and learn from other artists.
Mouton holds a Diploma in Electrical Engineering; he is a self-taught artist, and currently lives and works in Windhoek. He has participated in various  group exhibitions in Windhoek such as Art 4 U an exhibition honouring the late John Muafangejo in 2006.  He has also been awarded a prize for the visual art competition held as part of the /Ae//Gams// Festival in 2008.

Enjoy was produced in the early years of Mouton's career. It was first on display at the Art 4 U exhibition that was held at the Taal Indian Restaurant in 2006. Enjoy is a brown painting with a touch of white and orange. The artwork is made using oil paint, pastels and water colours. Mouton have been influenced by the unique vibrant spirit of the Namibian landscapes, its colours, and the clear unpolluted air. Inspired by the natural resources of Namibia, this artwork celebrates one of the important natural resource that we have in the country, the Namibian Diamonds.
Diamonds remain the most economically significant mineral commodity produced by the mining industry of Namibia, the country produced about 2% of the world’s gem-quality diamonds, which placed it as the eighth-ranked producer of gem diamond in terms of value[1]. The artwork depicts the diamonds of various sizes moving from various directions leading towards a single diamond in the centre.
The title of the artwork Enjoy is highly connected to the feelings of happiness and satisfaction, it’s a joyous art piece not only celebrating Namibian diamonds but also the success  of the Namibian nation thus far.
In the same spirit we will be celebrating and enjoying the holidays with our friends and families. December is the time that we are able to relax and celebrate what we have achieved in the course of the year.  
We wish you a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New year.

[1] Wikipedia, 2017. Mining in Namibia, Diamonds. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mining_in_Namibia (accessed November 2017)


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