03 May 2018

Namibia has talent

The ever smiling Dominga Theresa Dinyando is the heart beat behind the bright colourful African untamed designs flared with a Namibian touch…found on the Maria Mwengere Road in the town of Rundu, Kavango East Region, Namibia.
Theresa fondly known as Mingah put down her stethoscope, blood pressure cuffs, thermometer and syringes as a professional nurse to explore the textiles, design, cutting, measuring…creative side of life to bring to life ‘Untamed Designs’ late last year.
When Mingah graduated in 2010 with a nursing degree, she worked at various health care establishments including Kaisosi Clinic until the recollection of childhood reminiscences came to the fore. Mingah’s great-grand father was a tailor, while her mother is a wedding planner…creative juices!
“I grew up around materials; the art of sewing was a forced skill inflicted on me by my mom…laughs…I always had to fix my own clothing because mama always bought me clothes in sizes bigger than my petite structure.”-Mingah.
Mingah’s creations ranges from the indispensable need for clothing of dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts, shirts and blazers flared in all designs and


colours creatively knitted together to adornments of hats, handbags, jewelry, books and files covers, carpets, and pencil cases fashioned together with all the creativity, and zeal that Mingah can harness.Customary to every business, especially in infant stages, Untamed Designs is not without challenges. Mingah's toil spiraled from finding a suitable place for the business, a place that can accommodate a production area and a space for the shop as a unit. She had to move house more than twice before finding the suitable place for Untamed Designs’ set-up. However with the subtle remoteness of the space, away from the CBD, Mingah puts diligent efforts in marketing the establishment to draw crowds and create awareness.
Mingah’s self-taught skills can get your order ready in less than a day depending on the business’ schedule. Her customers come from all corners of the country; the business is slowly but surely picking up with Mingah’s gaze fixed on securing a location for Untamed Designs in the CBD.
Did I forget to mention, she is a nail technician as well and runs a salon…embellishment at its best! Contact Theresa at +264814395710/ +264855530226, email her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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