12 Oct 2018

Artwork of the month: October 2018

Samuel Amunkete, Land Issue, NAGN Permanent Collection

Samuel Amunkete is a Namibian Visual Artist, born in 1969. Amunkete’s interest in visual art started when he was in high school. He was later  exposed to  practicing visual arts through  workshops with the likes of Joseph Madisia, Ndasuunje PAPA Shikongeni, and Andrew Van Wyk  at Windhoek Conservatoire (now College of Arts), Academy (now University of Namibia), and the Franco-Namibia Cultural Centre between 1991 to 1992.
Exploring first with both linoleum block and Cardboard print-making techniques at the beginning of his career, Amunkete is part of the generation of Visual Artists who were inspired by John Ndevasia Muafangejo before seeking his own signature as a mixed media artist working with found materials.
Amunkete have exhibited mainly in Windhoek and at international platforms in countries like Cuba, Spain, and Finland. Amunkete is currently employed as a Chief Art Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Arts & Culture.

The artwork of the month titled Land Issue is befitting to be the October artwork of the month, the month in which the 2nd Namibia Land Conference is taking place.
Land is a crucial topic in Namibia and even twenty eight after independence, the land question is still a national dialogue.
This artwork of red paint on canvas with fire burn on the surface depicts a distressed nation over the demand and equal distribution of land due to the unhappiness of the majority of the population as a result of landless in the country they call home.
Amunkete have used particles that are found on the land like small size stones and grass to comment on land as the means of production, shelter, and dignity for the people.

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