08 Nov 2018

Open Call: CREATIONS A showcase of Namibian artists and artisans

Namibian artists from all communities are hereby invited to submit WORKS for consideration for this unique project.


Theme: This exhibition is an opportunity of creatives of all kinds across the breadth of the Namibian nation to submit work for the creation’s exhibition.

Creatives are encouraged to create work that is inspired by or that uses material from their surrounding environment. The exhibition encourages creatives to submit work that is truly Namibian. In light of our 29th Independence celebration what better way to create work that reflect unique art and craft products of our Namibia.


Objectives of the project: This project aims to bring creatives from various backgrounds, from the more “traditional” forms or making to the more “contemporary”. The exhibition aim is to provide a platform to wider variety of Namibian artists, from all disciplines, to come into contact with each other through their art. It also aims to create a space in which non-artists (through the collaborative process) can gain exposure to the process of art making as well as feel some ownership over the products.




  • Artists are encouraged to hand in work from any artistic medium/discipline.
  • Artist can submit a total of three works that are subject to a selection by a panel.
  • If an installation is submitted, images of the work installed should be submitted with the artwork along with and instructions for installation.
  • All works submitted will be judged the following criteria
    • Quality
    • Craftmanship
    • Creativity
  • Artist will submit work in to the office of their respective councillor’s
    contact information will be released closer to the collection date. (or can be inserted if available)
  • NAGN will be collecting work from the regions but artist that are able to submit in Windhoek are encouraged to do so.
  • Artist outside Windhoek need to make sure their work is fit to travel as NAGN will not be held liable for any damage that could occur during transportation.




 Framing: All artworks should be submitted framed / ready to hang/ install.

In the case of a two-dimensional work submitted unframed, the NAGN will frame it in a rental frame, if available – please note: frames are in limited sizes (50x 60cm, 100x70cm & 50x70cm). Works that are larger than rental frames, will be framed after approval of the artist, and the frame cost will be charged to the artist/or become NAGN property if not sold with the artwork. Unfortunately, no three-dimensional work submitted without a support will be accepted for exhibition.


Artist’s Price/Commission: Artists must provide the selling price of their artwork without commission. Commission of 25% will be added by the NAGN to artist’s selling price.


Selection process: This is not a competition. A selection panel will select artworks for display. The selected artworks will be on display at the NAGN for the duration of the exhibition.


Due date for submission of final Art Works: 15 February 2019

Exhibition opening: 19 March 2018

Exhibition duration: 20 March - 3 May 2018

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