30 Jun 2017

Artwork of the month!

These ceramics by Sharon Flewellen and Sarie Maritz are a few of their kind collected by the National Art Gallery of Namibia for its Permanent Collection over the years. These ceramics show two distinct techniques, showing the versatility of the medium. Flewellen’s From San to Zen is an unglazed, pit-fired pot leaving it with a matt finish, coloured by the natural pigment of the clay and the marks left by the smoke in the firing process. Maritz’s Midnight Pond is a glazed, kiln-fired plate showing a completely different, glossy finish coloured by the glazes placed onto the clay by the artist before firing.

Both artists have been members of the Potters’ Association of Namibia (PAN) since its inception in 1987. PAN started informally in 1986 when a group of potters regularly came together to learn about and work with clay. PAN's first Annual Exhibition was held in May 1988 with financial assistance from the Commercial Bank of Namibia. These annual exhibitions have invited well-known international judges who also offer workshops to participating members in order to enhance local knowledge and technical skill. The Commercial Bank of Namibia supported the Annual Exhibition for 10 years, until 1998. This Annual Exhibition has since become the PAN National Ceramics Biennale sponsored by Bank Windhoek. 2017 hosts the 8th National Ceramics Biennial organised by PAN and Bank Windhoek at the National Art Gallery of Namibia from 27 July to 25 August.

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