Happy Art Hour, February 2010

Date: 15 February 2019
Time: 17h00
venue: National Art Gallery of Namibia
A casual evening at the NAGN filled with music, wine, art and lovely people!
This happy art hour features an art demonstration by a graduate from the College of the Arts, Wayne Goliath, who will be showing his multi-print making skills.

Come experience art with us!
Only at the NAGN
A place for people! A place for ART!
A N$20.00 ticket gets you in...

Happy Art Hour, October 2018

Date: 19 October 2018
Time: 17h30
venue: National Art Gallery of Namibia

Art Hour - August 2018

Date: 24 August 2018
Time: 17h00
venue: National Art Gallery of Namibia

Join the National Art Gallery on 24 August 2018 for a casual evening at the gallery, a time we talk about our unburried history, things with past trackings that lingers in the present, this art talk is focused around our current exhibition titled ‘They tried to bury us’ by Isabel Katjavivi. An installation exhibition that deals with the unresolved past that is the genocide, and how it is all around us. “We need to stop treading on the past in our present...


Happy Art Hour - MAY 2018

Fun, music, wine, and of course art will be taking over the NAGN on 18 May 2018 at Happy Art Hour which features a talk around the Tulipamwe through the years exhibition.
Fun, music, wine, and of course art will be taking over the NAGN on 18 May 2018 at Happy Art Hour which features a talk around the Tulipamwe through the years exhibition.

Don't miss out on this interactive, educative and fun Friday moment! a great way to start the weekend :-)

Happy Art Hour - March 2018

Join us for Happy Art Hour at the National Art Gallery of Namibia on Friday 16 March 2018 for a casual evening filled with music, fun and art.
This Happy Art Hour features an art talk around the New Beginnings Exhibition which is a showcase of artworks by the graduates of the College of the Arts. The art talk starts at 16h30.

Artists Consultation Meeting

The National Art Gallery of Namibia is hereby inviting all visual artists for a general consultation meeting and introduction of the new Chief Executive Officer of the NAGN on 18 November 2017  from 10h00 to 12h00  to be held at the National Art Gallery of Namibia C/O Robert Mugabe Avenue and John Meinert street.

Live Arkive

LIVE ARKIVE comes from a desire to stimulate discussion around documenting and archiving performance in Southern Africa by cultivating networks between performing artists across the region, therefore the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) is pleased to invite you to this site specific performance by Namibian and South African performers that will be workshoped and developed at the NAGN ending in a show case at 18h00 on 6th October.

LIVE ARKIVE is an exchange between independent performance artists based in Cape Town and Windhoek, taking place in both cities during October 2017. The project seeks to explore what is invisible in the archive, playing with different forms of documentation and liveness through interdisciplinary practices. Sound, performance and the printed word unravel and reveal an imagined past and invented future. 

The project will begin with a public talk and preview on 2 October as part of the John Muafangejo Season at John Muafangejo Art Centre in Windhoek, followed by a performance in the Pashuka Room at the National Art Gallery of Namibia on 6 October. An installation will remain in the space for the duration of the Bank Windhoek Triennial. The project will then be echoed in Cape Town from 10 to 12 October at Theatre Arts Admin Collective in Observatory, including public talks and performances.

LIVE ARKIVE comes from a desire to stimulate discussion around documenting and archiving performance in Southern Africa by cultivating networks between performing artists across the region. The project seeks to propose new relationships between live performance and the archive, offering alternate access points into the past and developing experimental archiving practices for the future.

The project is conceptualized and performed by Ndinomholo Ndilula and Lavinia Kapewasha (Namibia) and Coila-Leah Enderstein and Nicola van Straaten (South Africa) in partnership with the National Art Gallery of Namibia and Any Body Zine. LIVE ARKIVE is supported by an ANT Funding Grant from Pro Helvetia Johannesburg financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), as well as by the Goethe Institut Namibia and the John Muafangejo Art Centre in Windhoek.



2 October | 18h00

John Muafangejo Art Centre, Windhoek - talk and preview

6 October | 18h00

National Gallery of Namibia, Windhoek - performance and installation

10 - 12 October | 18h00

Theatre Arts Admin Collective, Cape Town - talk and performance


All performances  are free of charge

More information:

Instagram: @livearkive | Facebook: Live Arkive 2017

Happy Art Hour

Join us for a casual evening at the National Art Gallery of Namibia on 6 October 2017, featuring a Curators walk about at 16h30 on the 2017 Bank Windhoek Triennial exhibition and a performance by the Live Archive group from Namibia and South Africa at 18h00. A N$20 ticket gets you in! additionally this ticket gets you two free drinks plus a chance to win an artwork!

Judges Feedback Session- 2917 Bank Windhoek Triennial

Join us at the National Art Gallery of Namibia on 7 September 2017 for the Judges' feedback Session about the recently opened 2017 Bank Windhoek Triennial Exhibition.

Expect to find out more on the judging process, criteria and the chance to interact with the judges!
We look forward to seeying you there!

Back Stage at the NAGN

As part of Heritage Week, the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) will be undertaking mini tours to the NAGN storerooms from 19 to 22 September 2017 between 12h00 and 13h00. 

The NAGN is therefore encouraging individuals over the age of 18 to take this opportunity to visit the storage rooms of the permanent collections housed at the NAGN. Space is limited. Pre-book with Ms. Annapaula Vakamuena at, Tel: 061231160, Cell: 0818068694

Speaker series

It is with pleasure that the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN)invites you to our next fun event- Happy Art Hour- a casual evening filled with music, wine, and art at the NAGN on 7 July 2017, 17h00. A N$20.00 ticket, available at the door, gets you in!


The National Art Gallery of Namibia is pleased to invite you to a Speaker Series organized by the New Media Design Department, College of the Arts, Katutura Campus and hosted by the NAGN in the Pashuka Reading Room:  a new collaboration

Date: 4 August, 2017

Time: 11-12h00

Speaker: Toufic Beyhum | Creative Director | Advantage Y&R

Title of the presentation: The Art of Art Directing



The National Art Gallery of Namibia is pleased to invite you to the Launch of Booth. Booth is a themed open call exhibition to all artists that will take place in the first quater of 2018. Come and find out what Booth is all about! See you there!


Happy Art Hour

It is with pleasure that the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN)invites you to our next fun event- Happy Art Hour- a casual evening filled with music, wine, and art at the NAGN on 7 July 2017, 17h00. A N$20.00 ticket, available at the door, gets you in!


This Happy Art Hour is dedicated to a good cause. We will be running a winter drive by collecting blankets, warm clothing and non-perishable goods! The donations will be given to an orphanage in Soweto; Windhoek called Acacia Children’s Trust (ACT).

ACT was founded in 2000 in a grassroots effort to address the immense distress placed on orphaned children, and on the households of the kinship groups raising them. Their purpose is to protect, promote and utilise their resources to strengthen the future generation.

ACT believes that for any intervention to be effective in addressing the problems that orphans face, it must recognise and utilise the African cultural tradition in which the care of orphans is accepted as a responsibility of the extended family and the community at large. In Namibia, it is tradition for the extended family to take care of children who have lost their parents. The crisis has, however, reached such dimensions that family networks can no longer cope.

Grandparents, kinship, local leaders, educators, business owners, traditional medicinal practitioners, the clergy and many more community members founded ACT.

 Children without a family network are in danger of being isolated, abused, exploited and terrorised. With their family-based form of childcare, ACT enables abandoned and orphaned children to once more become rooted within their own family units and society. Today the ACT takes care of more than 80 orphaned and underprivileged children.

 The NAGN is therefore inviting everybody to be part of this noble cause, to improve and change lives of the Namibian child and future generations.


*Enter the HAH artwork draw with your ticket and stand a chance to win an original artwork.

*At this Happy Art Hour the NAGN is further celebrating the Stalemate Bell, part of the Insight installation conceived by Italian NGO IoDeposito. This artwork currently displayed in the LongStoryShort exhibition in the NAGN's Foyer and Upper Gallery has been donated to the National Art Gallery of Namibia as one of seven sensory audio installations around the world, all of which are made specifically relating to the historical circumstances of their final destination. The Stalemate Bell looks at how the inclusion of narratives of previously colonised people, including Namibians, forced to fight in World War I, can form a more intimate and multi-faceted reflection on experiences of this war, and indeed on the general conditions of war. 

LongStoryShort is an exhibition of artworks from the permanent collections of the NAGN and Arts Association Heritage Trust (AAHT).




Valuation Day at the NAGN

The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) in collaboration with Strauss & Co is pleased to invite you to a valuation day on Monday 19 June 2017 starting at 10h00 until 18h00. In addition Alastair Meredith, Senior Art Specialist at Strauss & Co will be giving a lecture on JH Pierneef: A period of discovery and mastery at 18h30.

Bring your paintings, scultures, furniture, silver and oriental ceramics for valution by the global leader in the southern african art market and South Africa's premier auction house. We hope to see you there!


Happy Art Hour

The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) is pleased to invite you to Happy Art Hour which will take place on 9 June 2017 at 17H00 at the NAGN.

Join us on Friday, 9 June 2017 at 17h00  for a casual evening , filled with fun, Gluehwein, warm winter soup and music, preceded by an art talk by painter and mixed media artist Nicky Marais on the "Presence in Absence" exhibition at 16h30. Also stand a chance to win an original artwork for your N$ 20.00 ticket. See you there!

Art Talk: Architecture in Namibia: Archaeology of the future- The Landscape of tomorrow

The National Art Gallery of  Namibia is pleased to invite you to an art talk on the 'Namibia: Archaeology of the future-Tomorrow's landscape' exhibition. The art talk will take place on Tuesday 25 April 2017 at 18h00 in the NAGN's Main Gallery. 

Marley Uazemburuka Tjitjo from Marley Tjitjo Architects will talk on Issues of  Identity/ Monuments & Memories while Nina Maritz from Nina Maritz Architects will take us through sustainability issues in Namibian architecture and ponders on the question: Where are we heading to?.
In addition Dr. Jaco Wasserfall from Wasserfall Munting Architects will speak about Architectural education and validation in Southern Africa, with a specific focus on Namibia.

Happy Art Hour

The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) is pleased to invite you to Happy Art Hour which will take place on 24 March 2017 at 17H00 at the NAGN.

Join us for yet another casual evening filled with fun and art demonstrations. This Happy Art Hour will feature a panel discussion on the Tulipamwe International Artists' exhibition by local and international artists at 16:30. Artists and the working group will be sharing their experience of the two week long workshop and the inspiration that went into making the artworks that make up this exhibition.

Happy Art Hour

The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) is pleased to invite you to the first Happy Art Hour of 2017 which will take place on 10 February 2017 at 17H00 at the NAGN.

This happy Art Hour will feature a walk about on the New Beginnings exhibition by the College Of The Arts Gradautes at 16:30. Additionally at this Happy Art Hour, one lucky winner walks away with an artwork, for only a N$20.00 ticket available at the door. The Draw takes place before the end of the event.

Sell your artwork online- Information session

The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) is pleased to invite you to the an information session on how to sell your artwork online, which will take place on 17 November 2016 at 18H00 at the NAGN.

Sell your artwork on-line now!

Do you want your artwork to reach a wider audience and connect to the rest of the world? If so, this is your event! Join us for a talk on this easy, free and accesible platform to sell your art and literature.

Happy Art Hour

The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) is pleased to invite you to the 1st anniversary of the Happy Art Hour, which will take place on 25 November 2016 at 17H00 at the NAGN.

An exciting experience awaits you at the National Art Gallery of Namibia


…Happy Art Hour (HAH) turns one!


As the year draws to a close, having had many evenings of enchanting music, drinks, and art, the NAGN now invites you for more of the same with a little something. Our cherished Happy Art Hour tradition will be embellished with a fusion of fruit and wine, taste the essence of Sangria.


This birthday celebration will contain all the fond memories of shared evenings that HAH lovers have taken delight in. In addition to the Sangria

We will have cake to give you the energy you need to travel down memory lane with us.


Lastly, in the spirit of giving, one lucky HAH enthusiast walks away with a MTC recharge voucher of N$ 50-00 plus one free entrance.


This much anticipated Happy Art Hour 1st birthday celebrations will happen on 25th November 2016, at 18H00; a N$ 20.00 ticket gets you in for a satisfying last Friday night of November setting the tone for a jovial festive season ahead.


Tulipamwe International Artists 2017 Workshop Official Launch

The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) is pleased to invite you to the official launch of the 2017 Tulipamwe International Artists’ Workshop, which will take place on 18 October 2016 at 18H00 at the NAGN.

The Tulipamwe International Artists’ Workshop is a non-profit making community outreach project, since 2014 under the auspices of the National Art Gallery of Namibia. The objective of the project is to stimulate local art awareness and skills development.


At the last Tulipamwe workshop in 2015, twenty seven professional artists representing 13 nationalities participated in the project, working in a rural community for a period of 14 days, creating artworks in various media and formats, including site-specific work, photography, video, painting, sculpture, printmaking and other visual arts disciplines.


Background/brief information about the 2017 workshop

2017 Workshop Dates:

18 February – 4 March 2017


Exhibition Opening: Wednesday 8 March 2017 at 18h00

Exhibition Duration: 9 March – 15 April 2017


Location: TBA


The primary goal of Tulipamwe is the sharing of creative ideas and skills for both experienced and developing artists. The project also creates opportunities for Namibian artists to become part of global networks and prospects for international exchange and growth. The Tulipamwe workshop provides the experience of being part of the greater, wider artistic community as well giving insights into the working styles of different artists from all over the world.




The workshop provides:

  • A creative environment in which artists can work freely without day to day distractions and financial pressures
  • Excitement and stimulus that results in unique artworks. Artists have an opportunity to learn from one another, to explore different media, to try new directions and risk breaking new ground
  • A unique educational forum for Namibian artists from different localities and backgrounds to work together for the first time. The educational exchanges extend to artist presentations, critiques and discussions throughout the workshop
  • An opportunity to establish vital links between artists from Namibia, the region and abroad, leading to further educational exchanges and promoting broader understanding
  • A chance for audiences to interact with artists and to develop a greater awareness of new ideas and approaches at the open day
  • An opportunity for community members in the area were the workshop takes place to learn new skills from the artist.
  • An economic boost of the village or town that we are based in for two weeks.


This Launch will also serve as a platform for Tulipamwe to thank all its Partners for the 2015 Tulipamwe as a token of appreciation for the continued support of the project.



Art of a Young GeNerATION Catalogue Launch

The Art of a Young GeNerATION catalogue from the exhibition of the same title, held in Kϋnzelsau, Germany this year will be launched at the NAGN on 15 September 2016 at 18h00

The Art of a Young GeNerATION opened at the Museum Wϋrth in Kϋnzelsau, Germany on 27 April 2016. The exhibition will run until 10 October 2016. The Art of a Young GeNerATION is a carefully curated exhibition of contemporary artworks from Namibia, created as a cooperation project between Museum Wϋrth and the National Art Gallery of Namibia. The exhibition celebrates a generation of contemporary Namibian artists – some young, some older - who have lived and worked in Namibia during the post-independence, post-Apartheid era.


Omaruru Artists Trail

The National Art gallery of Namibia will be taking part in this year's Omaruru Artists' Trail scheduled to take place on 23rd and 24th September 2016.

The National Art gallery of Namibia will be taking part in this year's Omaruru Artists' Trail scheduled to take place on 23rd and 24th September 2016.

Over the past eight and a half months the NAGN has held 14 exhibitions in Windhoek. Of these five were solo exhibitions; by Yasiel Palamino (Colourful), Lynette Diergaardt (Remembrance through Cloth), Ismael Shivute (Day-To-Day), Kyle Weeks (Kyle Weeks: a solo exhibition) and Petrus Amuthenu (Freeing my Mind). Another nine were group exhibitions; (1984-1915: An Artistic Position, Art Inside 2016, Celebrating Print Making in Namibia: 26 years in the making, JUST, New Beginnings 2016, Perspectives, Old School Spirit, Conversations: a call for collaboration and Amazing Namibian Women) which saw the participation of both local and international artists from various backgrounds.

This overview exhibition aims to give an audience outside Windhoek a taste of the year so far. It contains works by artists at the beginning of their careers (like Ismael Shivute and Kyle Weeks from their solo exhibitions) and veterans in the field (like Andrew van Wyk and Papa Shikongeni from Old School Spirits). By seeing a selection of all these works standing together we are given the opportunity to take a moment to reflect on a very busy year indeed.

The artistic output of the Namibian art sector is a whirl wind of inventiveness and innovation that it is not easy to keep up with. Initiatives like the Omaruru Artists' Trail are a wonderful platform at which to celebrate and share our diversity and harmony. There is a lot to be said for sharing the load and working with each other to create more space for our growing artistic community. 

Please note: There will be a bus departing from the NAGN in Windhoek on Saturday 24 September to provide transport for the day to the Omaruru Artists' Trail for Heritage Day. Departure time: 7 am


Art Talk: Shan Wood

Our resident artist Shan Wood will be giving an art talk on 30 September 2016 at 16hoo, alongside our Drawings: Past and Present exhibition currently on in the upper gallery.

Shan was born in Rockhampton, a city on the Tropic of Capricorn in Central Queensland, Australia. Currently she lives in Brisbane in South East Queensland. 
Her mother was an artist, and this maternal influence meant that a love of “art making” was fostered from an early age. For as long as she can remember, Shan was “surrounded by art”.
She trained as a classroom teacher and spent most of her working life involved in the field of education, undertaking many different roles over the years. However, art was ever present as a major part of her life. Shan has been a practicing artist for twenty years, often juggling art practice with both full-time and part-time work in education.

Recently Shan has been exploring the concept of “place” in her arts  practice. This focus developed after visiting the clan lands of her ancestors during a residency in Glasgow, Scotland. In her work Shan gives consideration to the deeply embedded connections we all have associated with a certain place. Most often the area that we were born or grew up holds a deep connection for us.
Sometimes we can identify an affinity for particular geographical features, but may not always know why they attract us.  It may be the sense of space or the vastness of the sky that moves us, or the type of bushland which triggers a “knowing” or “recognition” deep within. Scientific research is starting to explore whether “connection to place” can be embedded in our DNA.

She sees her role as an artist visiting Namibia to be a “sensitive” observer whose job is to represent through visual images, the range  of influences that signify this “place,” as viewed through her own eyes. In doing so she is hopeful that she will provide visitors to the gallery the opportunity to reflect on what “place” (and, indeed, their homeland) mean for them.

Happy Art Hour

Join us on 30 September 2016 from 17h00 for Happy Art Hour at the National Art Gallery of Namibia. Entrance is N$20.00 with two free drinks. 
This Happy Art Hour will feature JuliArt & Wine:Figure Drawing Namibia session and a display of our resident artist Shan Wood's drawings alongside the Drawings: Past and Present exhibition, which is on at the NAGN until 8 October 2016

Art Talk: Kyle Weeks

Namibian Photographer Kyle Weeks will be giving an art talk and walkabout of his works on show at the National Art Gallery of Namibia on 5 August 2016 at 16h00.

Kyle Weeks was born in Namibia, and is currently working and residing in Cape Town, South Africa as a photographer. Weeks studied photography at Stellenbosch University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography in 2013. Weeks is also a co-founder of Cape Collective Assist, an agency that services the photographic stills industry in South Africa by offering professional photographic assistants.

Making up Weeks’ first solo exhibition in Namibia, this show brings together two series’ of photographic portraits that span four years of collaboration with Himba men. The two distinct bodies of work are linked by subject matter and location both having taken place in the north of Namibia (the Kunene Region) and both depicting Himba men. In both photographic series’ Weeks looks at the dynamics of representation and identity formation through the complex lens of photography.

Weeks has just recently been awarded the Fine Art Single Image 2016 Magnum Photography Award for one of the images that will be on display.

Kyle Weeks: a solo exhibition runs at the NAGN from 2 August – 27 August 2016.


Happy Art Hour

Join us on 5 August 2016 from 17h00 for Happy Art Hour at the National Art Gallery of Namibia. Entrance is N$20.00 with two free drinks. 
This Happy Art Hour will feature performance art by Jacques Mushaandja and Oupa Sibeko, as part of the current exhibition "Conversations" on at the NAGN until 6 August 2016. Additionally, at this Happy Art Hour, those who donated 3 or more blankets as part of the NANOFASA Winter Warmer San Barter campaign will be able to collect their necklaces to complete the trade!

Happy Art Hour

We'll be keeping warm this Happy Art Hour with art, gluhwein and kapana. As usual, a N$20.00 ticket at the door gets you two free drinks.

This Happy Art Hour will also function as a winter charity drive, so we invite you to bring along imperishable foods or blankets to donate to those in need, especially during the cool winter months. After the Happy Art Hour, the National Art Gallery of Namibia will be delivering all donations to Megameno Children’s Home. There will also be a collection of monetary donations for those who would prefer to donate money, with which we will purchase necessary items in consultation with the team at Megameno Children’s Home.

Megameno Children’s Home was founded in 1989 by Mrs Maria Teresia Shaalukeni, who opened her personal house to orphaned or vulnerable children, and made it their home. In 2002 the home was registered in terms of the welfare act as the Megameno Home for Minors, and given soliciting rights. The house is now home to 24 children from different backgrounds and places of origin. For more information on Megameno Children’s Home, please contact Mauritius Shaalukeni at


Art Talk: Lynette Diergaardt

Join us for an Art Talk by Namibian fiber artist Lynette Diergaardt on Thursday 19th May 2016 at 18h00 (please note that the time has changed from 15h00 as previously advertised to 18h00).
Diergaardt's solo exhibition 'Remembrance Through Cloth' is currently on in the Upper Gallery of the National Art Gallery of Namibia. This exhibition comprises of various weavings and textile artworks that speak to the theme of loss and preservation of memory. This Art Talk will provide detailed information about the artist's process as one of Namibia's few practicing fiber artists.

Happy Art Hour

The National Art Gallery of Namibia celebrates May with our fourth Happy Art Hour event!
Join us on Friday 13th May at 17:00 for drinks, a live DJ Set and live art performances. This time around we have TWO art performances, one by Lynette Diergaardt whose solo exhibition "Remembrance Through Cloth" is on in the Upper Gallery, and one by artist Kirsten Wechslberger who is part of the group exhibition "JUST" in the Main Gallery.

Tickets are N$20.00 and get you 2 free drinks.

We look forward to seeing you there!

ARTiculate Session: The role of arts institutions in a post-Apartheid Namibia

John Muafangejo Art Centre presents an ARTiculation session on 14 April at 18:30 at the NAGN. The discussion will be around 'The role of arts institutions in post-Apartheid Namibia' with panelists Hercules Viljoen (NAGN), Angelika Schroeder (COTA) and Alpheus Mvula (Art in the House).
This art talk will critically reflect on the work of arts and culture bodies in post-Apartheid Namibia as well as the possibilities and potential for growth in order to meet some needs within the sector.
The ARTiculation sessions enable a reflective space through critical creative conversations in the local arts sector.
John Muafangejo Art Centre is a creative think tank focused on establishing collaborative methodologies in contemporary art practice & forging expansive networks.

Check out the Facebook Event for more details!

Exhibition Walkabout: Celebrating Namibian Printmaking

Join us for a Walkabout of the Celebrating Namibian Printmaking exhibition, starting at the FNCC and continuing to the NAGN on Saturday, 9th April at 11:00.

The curators involved will give us a guided tour of the exhibitions to provide more detailed information about the artworks on show as well as their social and historical context.
Participation is free.
See you there!

Happy Art Hour

And..we're back!

Happy Art Hour, the after hours activity of the NAGN that involves live music and art performances.

Join us on the 1st of April, 5:00 to 7:30 pm
for some drinks
a live dj set with DJ ELL
and a live PRINTMAKING performance by artists feauting in our upcoming exhibition "Celebrating Namibian Printmaking"

Entry fee is 20 N$ and includes 2 free drinks!


For the celebrations of the Independence of Namibia, Art in the House Namibia, National Art Gallery of Namibia, Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre, John Muafangejo Art Centre and the Association Art Heritage Trust – will exhibit a collection of works focusing on and hailing Namibian Printmaking.

The extraordinary exhibition will be at the FNCC and NAGN and will focus on inspiring appreciation for Namibian art, promoting the unique technique of contemporary printmaking in Namibia and reflect how it has developed from the John Muafangejo era up until present. The exhibition will introduce printmaking to the new generation via Art Talks, exhibitions and workshops.

The opening will take place at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre on the 22nd of March at 18:30, and will continue on accross the street at theNational Art Gallery of Namibia later in the evening.

Will run until 14th April at the FNCC, and 16th April at the NAGN.

Entry is free!

Happy Art Hour

Following the success of its first edition, the NAGN is glad to announce that the second Happy Art Hour will take place on the 26th February 2016 from 17.00 t0 19.30!
The event will feature live music from DJ Alu and for the first time, a live performance by painter Yasiel Palomino, currently exhibited at the NAGN Main Gallery with his project Colourful.

On display is also the exhibtion "1884 - 1915: An Artistic position".

Entrance fee is 20 N$ that entitles to 2 drinks.

Art Inside

NAGN is pleased to announce the official launch of the Art Inside 2016 project. The launch will take place on Friday, 27 November 2015 at 11h30 at the NAGN.

The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) is pleased to announce the official launch of the Art Inside 2016 project. The launch will take place on Friday, 27 November 2015 at 11h30 at the NAGN.

The project Art Inside, which was launched in 2014, is a nationwide art awareness project aimed at Namibian Government. The initiative aims at acquiring original Namibian visual art for installation in all Ministries and semi-government premises. By installing the artworks, the project aims to celebrate visual art as an important mode of creative communication, and to foster an appreciation for visual art as inherent part of government’s working environment.

In the previous editions Namibian artists from all Regions have responded positively by submitting inspiring art and craftwork of an exceptional quality for this project. From these, the best pieces were first exhibited at the NAGN and then purchased for the Government of Namibia Art Collection.

Art Inside 2016 is organized by the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.

This edition of the event will differ from previous editions by inviting artists to submit their proposals before 15th January 2016, and, following a selection process, the final artworks before the 4th March 2016. The Art inside 2016 exhibition will run from 17th March to 16th April 2016 at the National Gallery of Namibia.


Stolen Moments

We invite emerging & established visual artists and graphic designers to attend an informal presentation on the Pantheon of Namibian Music project on Thursday 3rd December 2015 at the National Art Gallery as from 17h30.
In the times of apartheid many Namibian artists never had the chance to play their music and to present their art to the outside world. All what is left of their musical legacy is sound reels, cassettes or white sleeve test pressings that never got commercially exploited or published because of the apartheid regime.

Let us shine the spotlight once again on those who shaped our music history and who, under other circumstances, would perhaps have had a different career. It is planned to show the fictitious album covers created by you as a module in the Stolen Moments - Namibian Music History Untold exhibition, schedules for 2016/2017.

We call on all Namibian visual artists and graphic designers to help to rebuild and explore our lost and forgotten musical heritage. You may be invited to create and design the album covers our musical heroes of the past never had. We count on your range of styles and creativity to shape the legacy of our ancestral music icons.

Stolen Moments - Namibian Music History Untold is a research group that investigates and revisits the historic landmarks of the country’s popular music history from 1950s – 1980s pre-independence Namibia.

Happy Art Hour

Happy Art hour is an initiative carried out by the NAGN with the objective of promoting the arts in an innovative way.
The program wants to bring a younger crowd into the gallery, where they will be able to enjoy their aperitif while having the chance to appreciate and explore the art works on display.

The formula involves live music, a drink and a wander through the current exhibitions or the permanent collections. Once a month visitors will have the chance to socialize and enjoy live music in the courtyard behind the gallery. An opportunity to have fun but also to learn: the doors will be open for visitors to tour the exhibitions, and with the help of volunteers all the artworks will be spoken about and discussed.

Happy Art Hour is designed for people who want to discover and engage with the gallery in an informal way and strengthen the perception that the gallery is a space that can be also recreational, ideal for people who want to socialize and relax after a day of work.

Heritage Week 2014

Namibian Heritage Week provides an annual opportunity to celebrate our heritage through the natural and historical sites, objects, art, craft, cuisine, and traditional knowledge which has been preserved, protected and passed on from one generation to another.

This year Heritage Week will take place from Monday, 22 September until Saturday, 27 Septembers under the theme, `Embracing our Roots’.

The main aim of the week is to encourage more Namibians to visit our Art Galleries, Heritage Sites, Museums and Game Parks or to attend a cultural performance.

During Heritage Week 2014 people are being encouraged (with the permission of their employer!) to wear traditional clothing to work or an item that helps to celebrate Namibia’s rich cultural diversity. 

A number of heritage institutions, not only in Windhoek, but throughout the regions, have introduced special events to encourage more visitors during the week. (For more details, please check the poster that accompanies this letter in the email.)

We would like to encourage all Namibians to celebrate culture and support our heritage institutions during Heritage Week.  Culture is at the root of our unique Namibian identity, so let us all take the opportunity to celebrate together.


Art Talk: Line of Duty

Well known visual artist Kabelo Kim Modise currently has his exhibition ‘Line of Duty’ showing at the the NAGN until 23 June 2014. The exhibition is made up of Kabelo’s unique Lino Prints as well as  black and white Photography.
As a side event to his exhibition Kabelo will be presenting an Art Talk, where he will talk about his work and discuss his technique. The Art Talk will take place on Saturday, 21 June 2014 from 11h00 to 12h30. The NAGN welcomes all to attend Kabelo’s Art Talk.

NAGN at Namibia Tourism Expo 2014

Visit the NAGN stand at the Namibia Tourism Expo at the Windhoek Show Grounds from 4-7 June 2014.

Art Talk Imago Mundi Namibia Collection

The National Art Gallery of Namibia will host the Imago Mundi Art Project with a presentation by Canadian-Italian Art Historian, Curator and Art Educator Jennifer Karch Verzè, on Saturday, 26 April 2014 at 11h00.

Imago Mundi is the cultural, democratic and global project promoted by the Luciano Benetton Collection.

Imago Mundi is a collection comprising over ten thousand works of art commissioned and collected by Luciano Benetton on his travels around the world: established and emerging artists from many different countries are engaged on a voluntary basis and without financial reward, to create an artwork whose only limitation is the 10x12cm format.

The collection, hosted by the Fondazione Benetton, has no commercial aspirations, but intends instead to unite the diversities of our world in the name of a common artistic experience, catalogued very differently from the approach usually seen in museums or on the market. It is an account of the world, through the filter of art.

This year, the project is heading south for its next collections, to recount the creative, artistic and social ferment of the African continent and Namibia is one the new countries that is being researched. The whole country has enthusiastically embraced the project with artists, institutions, organizations, schools and universities actively taking part in the development of the project.

 “Imago Mundi is a cultural, democratic and global project that looks to the new frontiers of art – personalities, countries, emerging languages and different cultures – to foster openness towards the world and new horizons, and the coexistence of expressive diversity”, explains Luciano Benetton. “Our aim is to take the collection on a journey, in order to show it – through exhibitions, catalogues and a portal on the web dedicated to art – to the widest possible number of people around the world, in collaboration with private institutions and public museums.”

From April 25 to May 3, Imago Mundi will concentrate on Namibia and Curator Jennifer Karch Verzè, a Canadian- Italian Art Historian, Curator and Art Educator, will be visiting Namibia to create the Collection of over 140 works of art, which is open to all artists of Namibian citizenship, domicile or permanent residence. She is also curating two more collections: Aboriginal Canadian Art and American Native Art and Inuit Art for Imago Mundi. The Curator will be presenting the Imago Mundi Art Project at the National Art Gallery on Saturday, 26 April 26th at 11h00. At this time she will also be distributing the canvases and wooden structures to the artists who have one week to produce their work. All works have to be handed in by May 2nd at the National Art Gallery.